We aim , through our offered services to reach the highest expectations of the customers; that’s why our prices may vary based on the time we allocate to each service. The basic haircut starts from £15 which supposes  clipper cut back and sides and a trim on top. A buzz cut ( clipper all over) starts from £12. The skin fades are very required and our barbers have a flawless reputation in that. With us the prices are between £20 and £30 depending on what tools we use and how long the blend takes; a blend from razor takes longer than an average zero or 0.5 blend.

A head shave with hot foam , moisturising cream, shaving oil can be offered with prices from £15 to £20 (weekends).

BEARDS- we give beards as much attention and importance as to a haircut because a well done beard can make a BIG difference. Any beard trim starts from £10 and reaches up to £15 ( including shape-up for both prices).


A  “PROPER” HOT TOWEL SHAVE – for the gents who like to treat themselves ( 3 hot towels, moisturising cream, shaving oil , face massage – or extra face mask and cleanser for extra £5)

PENSIONERS AND KIDS have the privilege to be charged £10 (seniors) and £12 (kids) during the week but Saturdays due to the fact that we get really packed, we charge £14 for both categories.

All our barbers offer free advices and support regarding maintenance and styling . All prices include styling and finish if the customer allows it.

Services & Prices